MSW Group

MSW Group

Established in 1969, MSW has grown to become the UK’s biggest name in structural floor decking, offering complete, tailor-made solutions designed to meet the unique needs of individual clients.

As one of the largest steel decking contractors in the UK, we offer an unrivaled level of service, along with cost effective solutions specifically tailored to our clients’ (including the likes of Aston Martin and Lloyd BMW) individual requirements. We’ve worked on some of the country’s most prestigious projects, including several towers at Canary Wharf (our completed project sizes range from 50m2 – 100,000m2).

With over 45 years’ experience, we are undoubtedly the UK’s foremost stud welding expert, having welded millions of studs to a variety of applications across many industries, including: construction, infrastructure, gas, oil, power stations and marine, to name a few. All of our stud welding is carried out in-house, by our specialist, fully-trained welders, directly employed by the company, ensuring the very best results.

Since its creation in 2002, our dedicated concrete flooring division has rapidly become an integral part of the company, providing high-quality, high-tolerance industrial concrete floors. Utilising the latest technology and equipment, our expertise enables us to tailor solutions to our clients, with options for traditional mesh, or fibre reinforcement, along with tamp/easy-float, or smooth, power-float finishes.

Combining our expertise and experience, we offer you the perfect partnership and the best solution – the complete package.


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