Aintree Plastics

Aintree Plastics Ltd

Aintree Plastics is a family run company, based in Aintree, Liverpool that has been supplying polythene materials to the packaging industry since 1995. We have a team of specialists who can advise on technical specifications and ensure that you get precisely the material you require for your purpose.

Our spacious, modern factory produces a wide range of bag, sack and sheet products and we deliver to customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Quality, innovation and reliability have always been the key to our success and the reasons we have been able to build relationships with our customers, since we began supplying polythene materials to the packaging industry in 1995. Like our customers, we know that constant development and reassessment of needs is the only way to succeed in this fast-moving, ever changing business.

Aintree Plastics Ltd,
Stopgate Lane,
Aintree, Liverpool, L9 6DX

Tel: +44 (0) 151 286 8800