Case Studies


Adlington Welding Supplies

After spending many years building up a very successful company, selecting who we would sell the business to was a major decision for us. We were concerned about the impact of a sale on our personal futures, the staff, and our customers.

We were conscious that many of the management team wanted to carry on working in the business and still felt they had a lot to offer in terms of taking the company forward. We were also mindful that a trade sale could result in the business being merged into an existing operation with the risk of cuts and significant alterations for the staff and management team.

It was therefore refreshing to be introduced to CorpAcq, who were presented to us as a solution to all of our concerns. We were told that as an investor they would allow us to carry on running the business and they would not take on a day to day role. They would not seek an arbitrary process of cost cutting measures and would not seek to cut the head count in the business. CorpAcq hoped the business could continue in its current form to keep realising growth through the existing management team. They would be supportive of investment and were determined to add to the strong foundations of the business and not interfere with what was already working.

We are very pleased to confirm that post acquisition, CorpAcq are everything they professed to be. They have allowed us to keep managing the business in the way that has always been successful, with minimal interference and disruption. They provide additional support and resources where needed and their broad commercial experience has been a welcome addition when facing important decisions.

We feel we made the best decision in selling to CorpAcq and have welcomed being part of a wider, more robust group, without having to sacrifice any of the key components of what we spent so long building up.

Howard & Nigel Turner – Owners & Directors