United Forktrucks Ltd

United Forktrucks Ltd


United Forktrucks is one of the largest franchised material movers in the UK.

It provides a range of services from forktruck hire, examinations and training to the sale of new and used equipment and accessories. An ISO 9002 certification means that United Forktrucks delivers a unified approach to what is a national business, so customers receive the same consistent standard across any of their sites, whether they are a national company or a sole trader.

United Forktrucks don’t only invest in the best equipment, they also invest in their people too. Being a very early adopter of the ‘Investor In People’ standard has enabled United Forktrucks to work directly with teams across the UK to deliver better practices, better training and work environment, which all combine to create a better end-to-end customer experience.

St Helens House
St Helens Way
IP24 1HG
Tel: 01842 754841/01842 763266